Born:  September 15th, 1929            Ordained:  April 28th, 1956          Died:  August 27th, 2017

Born: July 24th, 1932             Ordained:  May 1st, 1964           Died:  August 23rd, 2017

Father Peter O'Rourke, CP. Memorial

Monastery Moments

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Griffin, Father James Barry, CP

In Loving Memory

Father Kevin Casey, CP. Memorial

Dr. Marietta Halum, Doctors Manuel and Elenita, Doctors James and Rose Marie Moraleda-Panagas, Dr. and Mrs. Percival Moraleda, Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Moraleda, Dr. and Mrs. Roberto Moraleda, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Moraleda, Dr. Marissa E. Halum, Dr. and Mrs Martin G. Halum, Margaret M. Baker, John and Maureen Fialcowitz, Michael and Marie Pope, Maureen Lawlor, Jayu and Tammie Kulkarni, Suffolk County Division of Risk Management, Alfonso and Helga Veltri, Jackie Blodgett, Patricia Adone, Gerard, Allegra & Rachel Gerlach, Alison Marooney, Benedict Fargone, Eleanor M. Courter, Lisa Wedemeyer.