Passionists Participating in Program

Mr. Ross Boyle, Vocation Director

​Fr. Rogie Castellano, C.P.

​Fr. Enzo del Brocco, C.P.

Fr. Justin Kerber, C.P.

​Fr. Lucian Clark, C.P.

Br. Michael Stomber, C.P.

Fr. Lionel Pacheco, C.P.

Fr. James Barry, C.P.

​Fr. Theodore Walsh, C.P.

​Br. Angelo Sena, C.P.

​Fr. Christopher Cleary, C.P.

On the Week-end of April 6-8, the Monastery hosted a vocation program called, "Come and See," for young men who were considering a vocation to the Passionist way of life.  They came from all over the country:  North Carolina, Boca Raton & Wellington Florida, Jersey City, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, and Newburgh, NY.  While at the Monastery they participated in the Religious life of the Monastery.  They ate their meals and recreated with the Community.  They listened to presentations on: "Their Spiritual Journey," "A Reflection on Quite Time and Divine Reading," "A Reflection on the Holy Cross of Christ" and a "Prayer at the Foot of the Cross. They concluded the week-end by listening to the vocation stories of several of the Passionists.   

​​Monastery Holds a Week-end for those Considering a Passionist Vocation

Monastery News

Monastery Adds Signage

The Monastery is quite large. It is easy to get lost in its many rooms and hall ways.  Signs have been erected to prevent confusion and make it easier for visitors to get around the House.

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