Monastery Moments

Reverend Father

​Paul Vaeth, C.P.

Jonathan is called forward to take his Final Vows

Recently three of our brothers, here at Immaculate Conception Monastery, celebrated 50 years as a Passionist Priest.  Father Thomas is from Hazelton, PA.  He spent most of his priesthood as a Foreign Missionary.  Father Jerome has been a professor, teaching young men Moral Theology.  Father Paul had been an Itinerant Preacher, giving Missions in the United States.  We congratulate all of these priests as they celebrate 50 years of dedication in serving the Church and the Passionist Community.

Jonathan pronounces his Vows in the hands of Father Provincial.

Jonathan bears the Cross and Crown of Thorns of the Passion

The Province of St. Paul of the Cross is actively engaged with many young men who are discerning a deeper relationship with the Passionist Charism and our Mission in the Church.  The Provincial and Council are establishing a new Formation Community that will be focused on the welcoming and formation of young men in the postulant stage of religious life.

​In August of 2018 this community will be opened in Wilkes Barre, PA on the campus of King's College, an institution led by the Holy Cross Fathers.

Father Paul Ruttle, CP will serve as the local leader.  He will be assisted by Brother Dan Turner CP. and Father Lionel Pacheco, CP.

Father Richard Burke, CP, the Rector of the nearby St. Ann's Monastery has opened the Monastery to the new postulants to find spiritual directors, attend conferences and celebrate Passionists feasts.

The Holy Cross Fathers have provided this Formation House without rent.  The only cost to the Province would be our utilities.  The president of the College, Father Jack Ryan, CSC has thrown open their campus to our postulants - language studies, gymnasium and food services, if needed.

​If you are considering a vocation to the Religious Life, as either a priest or a brother, please contact Father Paul Ruttle, C.P. currently at St Ann's Monastery (570) 347-9387 


"May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in Your Heart."

Passionists Establish A New Formation Community

First Puerto Rican Student Takes Vows in New Province

Fr. Ruttle     Br. Turner      Fr. Lionel

Recently, the Vicariate of Puerto Rico was combined with the American Province of St. Paul of the Cross.  Recently we celebrated the Final Vows of our brother Jonathan Pabon Tirado, C.P., on Friday, July 6th, 2018 at Parroquia La Piedad in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

​​ Three Monastery Priests Celebrate 50 Years of Ordination

Monastery News

Reverend Father

Jerome Bracken, C.P. 

Very Reverend Father 

Thomas Brislin, C.P.

Monastery Rector

Vow Documents are signed by both Jonathan and Father Provincial