Monastery Moments

Canonization of Father Theodore Foley, C.P.

Prayer to Father Tehodore Foley, CP

The Passionist Nuns

Passionist Superior General - Servant of God, Father Theodore Foley, CP

In 1720, St. Paul of the Cross founded the Congregation of the Passion. When the men's congregation was established, St. Paul then focused on founding a Passionist contemplative community of women.
On May 3, 1771 the first Monastery of the Passionist Nuns was opened in Tarquinia, Italy. The Bishop clothed the Nuns in the black habit of the Passionist Order. Chosen to guide this small community was Mother Mary Crucified, a former Benedictine and a spiritual daughter of St. Paul of the Cross. St. Paul commissioned her saying: "May you be the model for the Daughters of the Passion who would mourn perpetually for the love of their Crucified Lord.
In 1852, Bishop O'Connor invited the Passionist Fathers and Brothers to his diocese in Pittsburgh. Eight years later, letters were sent from the American Superior, Father John Dominick Tarlattini, C.P., to the General, requesting a foundation of Passionist Nuns in the United States, in Pittsburgh. This dream was realized only fifty years later.
In the Provincial Chapter of 1908, Father Stanislaus Grennan, C.P. proposed the foundation of Passionist Nuns in America, and the Chapter voted unanimously in favor of it. Father Joseph Amrhein, C.P., General Consultor in Rome, arranged for the selection of five Nuns from Tarquinia, Italy, to make the foundation: Mother Hyacinth, Mother Catherine, Mother Louise, Mother Teresa, and Sister Mary.
They arrived in America on April 27, 1910 and moved into the first small convent on July 9, where they were joined by the first three American postulants. The Blessed Sacrament was reposed in the Chapel the next day, July 10, 1910, and Holy Mass was celebrated.
In May, 1911 the new monastery of Passionist Nuns was dedicated.

Passionist Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, you called Father Theodore Foley to follow you as a Passionist Priest even to Calvary's heights.  Through your Immaculate and Sorrowful Mother, you taught him obedience to our Father's will and the fulfillment of your Commandment of loving God and neighbor.  Let the loving inspiration of your Servant move us to live a more profound life of virtue.  We humbly ask that you glorify your servant Father Theodore Foley according to the designs of your holy will.  Through his intercession, we ask you to grant the request I now present (here mention your request).

This I ask through Christ Our Lord.  AMEN

The Passionist Province of St. Paul of the Cross (Eastern United States) is in the process of Canonization for one of our former Superior Generals who was from this Province.

The first stage of the process is over and Father Theodore has been declared, by the Vatican, as a "Servant of God."  The next stage is that God must confirm Theodore's presence in heaven with a miracle.  If you have a serious illness please pray for Father Theodore Foley to intercede for you at the throne of God so that your request can be granted.  Should you receive a miracle, due to the intercession of Father Foley, please contact us so that we can further our brother's journey to sainthood.