We have two postulants at our House of Studies on King's College campus in Wilks berre, PA pictured above with our formation staff.

New Mass Cards

    Monastery Community Begins Hour of Prayer for Vocations

they would give the cards to us, as we have been loyal clients for 60 years.  They told us that we could either purchase the remaining Mass Cards or they were going to be thrown into the dump.  We looked at many companies to get the same pictures.  When we could not find them, we asked our former company if we could buy the rights to their pictures.  The answer was, NO!  We found another company in Massachusetts.  Their Holy Pictures are a bit different as is their Mass Card construction.  We have kept the type of picture the same.  i.e.  Ressurection for Ressrection, Blessed Mother for Blessed Mother, etc.  We hope they will be acceptable to our Mass Card clients.

Our Lady of the Rosary

Our Lady of Peace

General Chapter in Rome. Monastery of Saints John and Paul.


Father Mirek Lesiecki, CP - Elected General Consultor in Rome

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Sacred Heart

Our Lady of Grace

Our Mass Card Vendor of 60 years informed us that they would no longer supply us with Mass Cards.  They gave us the option to purchase their remaining Mass Cards or they would be put in the city dump.  We asked if

Devine Mercy

Father Mireck is a Polish Passionist from our Polish Province in Europe.  He has been living at Immaculate Conception Monastery for the past few years serving as Director of the Passionist Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations.  At our recent General Chapter in Rome, he was elected a General Consultor.  General Consultors form the Superior General's Curia, which consults with him on impotant matters pertaining to our Order.  He has now returned to New York.  He will be doing General Visitation in the Western Province and waiting for Father General to assign him to other duties.

Our Province has been conducting Vocational Days in our monasteries.  These vocation days, are for young men considering becoming members of the Passionist Community.

Here at Immaculate Conception, we have established an Hour of Prayer for Vocations, celebrated on the last Friday of the month at 5:00 PM. We ask you, our friends, to join us in prayer for Passionisy voactions at this time on the last Friday of each month.

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