Monastery Moments

Ruth Innes Dauer - Bernadette McWilliams Rose Kroja - The Kroja Family

Antionette Mascioni
James W. Byrne - Miriam Byrne
Rose Bellusci - The Bellusci Family
The Howard Family
Battalion Chet and Michael Meagher
The D’Agostino Family
May Reilly and Denis Casey
The Adikes Family - Francis E. Hagan, Sr.
Catholic War Veterans, St. Margaret’s Post 1172

Please Remember Us in Your Will.  We Will Remember You in Our Prayers Forever.

For Information on the Perpetual Light Memorial - Contact  Father Jack Douglas, C.P.  -  -  (718) 739-6502 

Perpetual Light Memorial

A candle will be lit for those enrolled in the Perpetual Light Shrine in the middle of the Monastery.  This candle will burn forever to remind the priests and brothers to pray for these individuals and as a tribute to them.  A gold plaque will be engraved with their name(s) and placed in the vault of Memories.  Each month the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered by the Father Superior of the Monastery for the intentions or repose of the souls of those enrolled.  On All Souls Day, November 1st, the relatives of our Perpetual Members will be invited to the Monastery for a special Mass for these Members.  After the Mass they will be invited to have brunch with the Community.  They can visit the Shrine any time the Monastery is open.  The stipend for this Perpetual Light Memorial Shrine is $10,000. or a codicil in the enrolled person's Will for that amount.